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About Me
I am a Morro Bay City Council Member elected in 2018. On Council I use my platform to advocate for women’s and children’s needs including healthy communities, clean secure water, housing, equal representation, and local work. I ran for office after founding and leading Women’s March San Luis Obispo. Taking place one day after the 2017 inauguration, the Women’s March in San Luis Obispo rallied the largest demonstration in SLO County history (10,000 people), signaling a local awakening to the many threats to women’s rights, human rights, and environmental justice. As a result of this work, I was named 2017 24th Congressional District Woman of the Year by Congressman Carbajal. I was invited to the State of the Union address in 2018, by the Congressman, due to my advocacy on immigration issues. I am a bilingual public educator and taught special education before transitioning into program development. My current work focuses on creating equitable school experiences, opening a new bilingual school, and providing support for immigrant students and LGBTQ students and staff.

Three Goals for My Time in the Legislature
1. Protect women’s health and safety.
2. Address climate crisis by expanding efforts to reduce pollution and increase clean renewable energy sources
3. Reduce cost of living and increase jobs and small business growth.

Public Policy Passions
Creating more affordable housing through smart growth; Mitigating and working to reverse the negative impacts of human action on the climate crisis; Equitable access to health care for all people in California Protecting and enhancing the human rights of women and all underrepresented groups.

Two Principals All Elected Must Have
Integrity and courage

Qualities That Will Make Me Successful
My perspective as a woman, educator, activist, wife, and mother inform my actions as a leader. I seek to cultivate empathy, compassion, integrity, consistency, logic, and collaborative practices as a person and as a leader. These are but a few of the qualities I embody and have already served me well as an elected officeholder.

What I Believe Are the Core Responsibilities of Elected Officials
Consider all sides of debate, be accessible and responsive to constituents, and accurately represent the concerns of your constituents.

The Legacy I will Leave
Protect the coast, increase gender equality, improve access to quality public education.

Where I Stand on the Importance of Previous Experience In Politics and Government
I believe it’s beneficial for state legislators to have leadership and service experience. I do not believe it is necessary for them to have had a long tenure in elected office, though. Community leaders like myself are in tune with the needs of the people they are meant to serve and are less likely to be jaded or reliant on corporate interests for campaign support.

California’s Greatest Challenges Over the Next Decade
Responding to the climate crisis and protecting Californians from its impact; universal access to quality healthcare; controlling the cost of living and maintaining livable wages.

My Idea of the Ideal Relationship Between the Governor and the State Legislature?
I believe the framers of our federal and state constitutions intended leadership to be shared. I appreciate the distribution of responsibility and power in our state government and the checks and balances provided by this structure and that while independent of one another, branches must work together to develop the most effective policy. In my leadership roles, I have always relied on collaboration and cooperation in order to bring all voices to the table. As a legislator, I would seek input and to work with the governor to create the best possible scenario for my constituents and California as a whole but I am willing to stand up against him and Legislative leadership on issues that are important to my constituents.

Building Relationships With Other Legislators
Each legislator is tasked with representing their districts. Naturally perspectives differ, but you can’t find common ground without building relationships with colleagues.

My Future in Politics
I am focused on the community I serve. One reason I entered this race late in the cycle is because I am a sitting city council member and was not planning to run for another office until I reflected on the need for more women in the legislature and realized there was no one running against an incumbent who has failed to bring significant resources to our district. I am running out of a desire to serve my community, NOT in an effort to climb the political ladder.